All we have to do is just wait

Bucket in rain - 2
Red bucket in rain

I think you’d know what the weather is today from the photo above, yeah, today’s a rainy day, exactly.

I really dislike rainy day at all, well, except that’s good and comfort for sleeping, like my mom did this afternoon, she went to bed to take a rest after lunch, then didn’t wake up until about 14:30, and she said she’s feeling good to sleep in rainy day. Well, that’s true, I did that before, really comfort.

OK, for there’s a rainy day, the rain’s a little heavy and hasn’t stopped in the whole day – well, it stops just by now while I get started to have this diary post here, we don’t have to go out to work one more day, it’s a gift to children, I think, because they don’t want to go out work in any time, haha. But for our family, it’s not that good because the paddy on the farmland are still being left there, it’s bad that the paddy would be drench down and rot in the water by the heavy rain, then, we’ll lost lots of harvest in this season, to the family, that paddy is the only way they make money for supporting their life, it would be horrible :(

But we don’t have any idea to let the rain stop, and I have lost the God’s cell phone number, so I can’t ask him to let Mr Rain stops. All we can do is wait, and pray, do something else useful, then the sunshine will appears again, I believe it.

And you know, today’s sunday, my sister’s going back to school, but unfortunately, there’s no bus on the way to her school this afternoon. She went out with her granddaughter, her classmate also at 15:20, and then at about 16:30, I saw a beautiful blue umbrella was landed on the floor of our living room, then a sweet smile appeared, that’s her! Well, I was happy to see her again, so soon, I thought I would saw her in the next weekend, haha~ And I knew what happened to her and her granddaughter, there’s no buy taking them to school, I am not sure the reason exactly, I guess that’s because of the heavy rain mainly. They’ve been waiting on the roadside for almost 1 hour and her trousers has got wet, so they came back to their warm house as a sensible act. Don’t worry about them, they won’t miss the first lesson tomorrow morning because they will get up at 6:00 tomorrow and there’s about 45 minutes far away from the middle school by bus, they won’t be late for the first lesson at 8:00 AM tomorrow :D

BTW, I am still working on Textpattern and a site design, show you later if it’s almost done.

OK, let me show you some of photos I’ve taken today:

Eaves - 1

Eaves - 2

Wet paddy

Rain street

And more photos on my flickr

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