Insgems Projects

In the last couples of weeks, I also finished some other graphic design for a company – “Insgems”:, which is a management consulting company that provides consulting and training services for enterprises, its clients covers Electric Power, Banking & Finance industries.

As it is the stable client for me, I’ve finished some projects for the company, such as the Training Textbook design, the PPT Template design and Business Card design, etc. And I am working on redesigning its company web site currently, and so far I’ve done with it, something are pretty ready for building the new website, I think.

wire frame for the client's site
the wireframe for the new site

OK, here I just want to share the projects I’ve done for them :D

Client Testimonies Page design:

This design is including 4 pages of Client Testimonies from the company’s clients, they will be folded and put into the beginning of the Portfolio Handbook. And plus, the company asked me to put a Red Heart of China graphic on the background of Page 2&3.

Here it is the final design:

client testimonies design - p1

client testimonies design - p2-3

And this one is the first version I designed but it’s “killed”.
client testimonies design - p1

Handbook Cover Design (2009):

Well, this project is quiet easier than the one above, the client just wanted a simple, elegant and different(from the 2008 version) design.

Handbook Cover 2009

And this one is the 2008 version of last year.

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  1. MillieLin


    Awesome, the final userface is different from the wireframes, change is necessary.

  2. Christopher Jack


    Yeah, that’s true : )

    How are you doing, Lin?

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