Homepage Usability

I think a homepage is the most important part of a website, it’s the “face” or “window” of your/ your company / organization to the world. We get a homepage to show the people who’s visiting your site that what your company is or who you are.

So who’s Jakob? He’s an expert in the field of Uer Exprience & Site Usability. So how this book works for you? This book includes this:

Homepage Usability examines the effectiveness of 50 homepages, chosen because of the popularity or prominence of the company, government agency, or non-profit institution they represent.

This book has helped me with these aspects of what the abilities I was looking for before:

  • Content writing – Effective content writing is one of the most critical aspects of all web design
  • Archive – I think a homepage is to put the archive of your whole site well and logically, also
  • Search – don’t forget to put a search bar on your homepage, anyway!

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