Graphic Design School

Graphic Design School – written by David Dabner

I really liked it when I read it for the first time. It’s really a good book for the people who is just getting started to study the principles about the Graphic Design or something like that. I think it is a book that includes the basic principles and deeper techniques of design thing. As a graphic design textbook(for me, at least), it explains what the graphic design is and how it works for people, with so many actual examples inside the books those ranges from Book design to Website design, it’s not a boring “textbook” if it was a textbook, I think. I bought the Chinese version of it, prefect translation and print quality, it should be better of the english version, I guess. You wouldn’t use it just one time then leave it to dust, it’s that book you can have it handed in anytime when you need to get idea reference or things like that.

One thing I learned from this book is “For the future graphic designer, the significance of exploring the sketch is to expand the design concept.” So, don’t leave your pencil alone, just pick it up, that would be greatly helpful :)

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