Suggestions for the beginner of web design

Well, firstly, I am not an amazing designer like “Nick La”:, “Jason”: or “the others”:, either, I am really just another beginner with the web design(&mobile web design) field, actually.

Before I got my 2-years work experience of web design in the design studio or companies, I graduated as the bachelor’s degree of Computer Science&Tech in Jimei university, Xiamen, China. I am really interested in design and got a professional training at an art gallery which was creating and selling paintings before I went to the university. And when I was at the university, I spent most of my rest time at “the university library”: for studying “Adobe Photoshop”: I read most of the Photoshop-related books what the library had with 3 of 4 years’ university time, some great books such as “The Photoshop Bible series”:, “The Photoshop WOW! Book series”:, etc. I know that Photoshop is just a tool for design, yeah, really that is. But I also think Photoshop(and the other great softwares) is that tool makes you do something you can’t do with your pens or your eyes, it creatively expends your mind and your thought, and provides some Unlimited possibilities that you can imagine or can’t.

And 2-years is a pretty short time for the web design career, I think, so I consider myself as the beginner, all the times, of course.

If you are interested in web design and the beginner of it, I am really glad about that, and hey, it is really good to get started or “tasted” something interesting and different you like in your life.

OK, if you’d like to create the web design or want to start a web design business that focused on beautiful, standard-compatibility websites, I would love to have you some suggestions as shown below:

  1. Get some Design-related courses or go to the Design School
  2. Make friends with the people who do design, don’t be shy, they are good-natured, funny and open-minded guys on this planet.
  3. Interested in everything not just focus on design things.
  4. “Think Different” – “Apple”: made that happened, at least.
  5. Read books if you’d like to, below is some books which I got started web design with, just as the reference:
    • “CSS – The definitive guide”: & Designing With Web Standards
      you should read them if you want to get “standards-driven websites”
    • “Graphic Design School “:, “Grid System”: & “Geometry of Design: Studies in Proportion and Composition”:
      You need learn some basics of Graphic Design for Designing the “beautiful” website, I think.
    • “The Design of Sites”: & “Homepage Usability”:
      Both of the books let you know everything(well, most of the things, at least) about Website Design, the nice books about web design I’ve got
    • “Don’t make me think”: & “About Face 3”:
      The best web site is that one let people feel “easy to use”, “user-centred”, “get what they are looking for quickly”, these books are talking about that.
    • “Photoshop CS/CS2 wow! Book”:
      Well, what are the most used tools with web design? CSS and Adobe Photoshop, I think.
    • “What is web desgin?”:
      Well, this book is pretty nice that is talking about “what’s web design and the web design thread”, there are the nice Analysis of some actual popular web site examples such as,
    • Read magazines
      I think the magazine interface design is very similar with the web site interface design, well, the content is pretty interesting, too.
  6. Some nice sites I go frequently for looking for the inspirit:
    • “Smashing Magazine”:
    • Nettuts & PSDtuts
    • “web designer wall”:
    • “24 ways”:
    • “deviantART”:
    • “Apple”:
    • “Flickr”:

    Well, everyone might have his(her) own suggestion list for you, above is mine, hope it helps :D

    my little bookshelf - 1
    My bookshelf

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