SOS! With my jQuery question

Help! Aider! Hilfe! ヘルプ! עזרה! βοήθεια! 求助!…

Well, I ‘ve tried my best to figure out how to make or add a “loading spinner” while waiting for the content loaded completely, just like I’ve tried my best to use the languags as many as I can read or remember to express “Help” to you, it’s been “hard” for me, but I did it :D

So, in detailed, my question about my site is here:
You know, I want to add a “loading spinner” to the gallery(mixed contents) of my personal site while waiting for the content loaded completely, but I am not that familiar with the code and jQuery, so I lost the way to get it done even if I’ve read some preload-content-related posts (here and here) carefully. Could anybody show me an example or get to check the “gallery” – a Slider powered by jQuery also and give me some suggestions? Here’s the gallery link of my personal site.

The gallery screenshot

above is the question with my site exactly and hope somebody could help me out, thanks in advanced, really!

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