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Opera, it is well known as a web browser, has the simple, attractive, shiny-new and human interface and features, and as another different part from the other browsers, its color is Red – “Safari”: is Gray, “Firefox”: is Orange and Blue and “IE”: is Blue – I like red color a little more :)

Well, I used “Opera (for Windows)”: before, and now I am installing the “Mac version”: on my MacBook Pro, I think Opera for Mac is more beautiful than the one for Windows. Actually I use Safari – which is another great Browser on this planet, in most of the time, and use Opera for testing webpages or sites I make sometimes, all right, Firefox is installed there, also, and I even used “Google Chrome”: with a Windows-machine. Well, I consider myself as a browser tasting guy on this planet, it is bored I know. But for me, they are all interesting.

Opera is a productive, safe and speedy browser that even has “the special features”: such as “Speed Dial”, “Mouse Gestures”, “Page Zoom” and more… I am currently using Opera 9.63, and it has the simpler and Mac-style interface.

I like it.

Well, here I am not talking about the details of Opera with you, I think someone like the big fan of Opera might know much more than I do about it. Here I just want to share something interesting about Opera with you:

  1. The brand new design of the “homepage”: – simple, beautiful, well-organized information structure, easy to use and smiling.

    And I like this sketch especially:

  2. “Opera 10 alpha”: – “the new Opera Presto 2.2 rendering engine” sounds better than before

    And I like this background image, feel nice

  3. What do you think about Opera? Someone is telling you her story. Take a look at the promotion video of Opera: “Discover Opera”:

    the original video is “here”:

  4. I love the Sidebar and the icons right on it.

  5. The 404 page of
    { “What is a 404 page?”: }

Well, as long as I use Opera, I don’t like the Opera logo a little, it looks strange for me, and even the new logo(Icon) for the Dock of “Leopard”: is looking a little asymmetric. It is asymmetric because of it is a little over to the right, take a look at the picture below:

Hope the Opera team could improve this

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  1. Brian Ombonga


    Nice article. I HATE the Opera interface on Windows. I love the innovation of it.Great article. The video was cool.

    Also, Google Chrome totally copied Opera’s speed dial. Just thought i would mention that.

  2. Christopher Jack


    Thanks for your comment, Brian.
    I don’t like the Windows version too much. And hey, I really like the Speed dial, that’s creative.

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