Poster design for our hometown

Poster design for our hometown - 00

Poster design for our hometown - 01
The posters for the Youth Association of our hometown.

I finished the poster design for our hometown this week. Well, one of my friends, who is my native also, is going to set up an Association for our hometown, it’s named “Huxiang Youth Association”, “Huxiang” – 胡巷, which is the name of our village, where we grew up. And one day of this year that guy and I sat and had the lunch together to plan the Association. Well, that guy spent much more time than I on planning about that, he told me he’s been working on that nice thing for one or two months, with his rest time. Pretty hard work, I call tell.

So what is the Association for? Here is the Association Introduction:

The Association is initiated by young volunteers of Huxiang Village, the main purpose of the Association is in order to unite and inspire the new young generation of our village with the responsibility and dedication to themselves and our hometown, to narrow the distance between each other, to promote the friendship. Regardless of age & qualifications, based on equal exchanges, stay and contribute for the progress of the hometown together.

The photos on the background was original taken by myself when I got back to my hometown on October, 2008. That tree is about 350 years old – maybe older than I thought, the older villagers, even my mom told me that tree is the logo of the village, which is always there to protect our hometown, all of us love it even if it’s got burnt causes an accident when I was kid, it is still strong and never fall down, we usually played around there when I was kid. Really memorable.

the tree in front of our village
The old tree in front of our village

the old house
The beautiful old house that our hometown has – actually that is my house :P

The Association will aim to united the young people and inspire them to do something good for our hometown, have it a better future together. The hometown is the place where I grew up and the place where I belong, I really love it. And as my personal view and as the member of them, I think the poster should tell the people that how beautiful the hometown we are living is, where we come from – you know, most of the youth are working in the big city when they are adult like me, and we can make it better together.

In shortly, I just want the poster says “working together at the place where we had the dreams” with the traditional Chinese way.

hometown poster design - slogan
The slogan: working together at the place where we had the dreams

Friend just called me about the posters I designed for our hometown, they have been printed out and he said them looks beautiful and the natives like them. Good news, right?

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  1. Will Dawson


    Wow! They are really nice. Well done!

  2. Christopher Jack


    Thanks, Will :)
    Let me know if your new site’s up : )

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