Photoshop Image Making

Photoshop Image Making – by Hwang Yong II

It is a Photoshop learning book for the beginners and the advanced users, written by “Hwang Yong II”:, who is a korean-based designer. I think I bought this book in 2007, at that time I was looking for a book that could give me the idea about creating beautiful and meaningful web ad banner & Header image.

OK, I think this book is really good for:

  • Web Design – you can learn how to create a beautiful and nice Header Image, web ad banner, background graphic, and something else about web design.
  • Graphic Design – Don’t have a idea about making the Album Cover, Artwork, letter background graphic, and even the Gallery yet?, read it and you would get something you need.
  • Choosing the right picture material for your design – Yeah, you have thousands of picture materials, but you are missing the way to choose one of them for your design, you are confused, I understand. This book would give you some suggestion to pick the right one for your design

With this book, you can find out the way to make a nice graphic(image), and step further, you can even make the nice image with the pictures those were taken by yourself as the material.

And this book has another nice stuff that comes with also – a CD that includes the images for the chapters of this book and the original PSD file, and even especially the other 417 pictures including!

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