No rain, finally

Hey, after 3 continually raining days, the sunshine appeared today finally. This morning the rain stopped though the sky’s still dark, and afternoon, the weather turned better, I mean I even saw the sunshine, a little, actually. Well, for proofing that I am telling you the truth, I made some photos for you, take a look at the book photo below:

Book on the ground - 12

Book on the ground - 14

See, the book on the ground didn’t get wet by rain, right?

As long as we wait for the rain gone, today, it’s gone, but I didn’t go out to work today because there’s no work assigned to me. Well, I really don’t know when my daddy went out this morning, when he asked me out of my room at noon, I saw he’s driving a wood car and carrying 2 buckets full of rice in front of our door, I think he just came back from the little factory for turning the paddy into rice – sorry, I really don’t know what that kind of machine is called in english. And my mom was brewing our own (rice)liquor, that’s cool, we brew it so much every year, well, I really don’t know how to brew something like that, that sounds interesting and professional.

And today I planned my new personal blog instead. Actually I’ve never had any real blog that makes any sense before, well, I ran some blogs before and wrote something there, but those are not that kind of blog or site I really want, I have my own idea with that kind of thing. I want to make a site that makes sense this time. The situation the site I am still working on, is, getting a big movement today, I designed the main layout of the whole site, it looks nice for me, and I had all the contents and elements that site will need on the papers. There’re more than 10 pages of paper about planning that site. I will show you that site design if it’s up!

Site design - 14

OK, some more photos I’ve taken today:

Pumpking cane - 3

Pumpking cane - 7

Pumpking cane - 9

And more photos on my flickr

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