Have my hair cut, finally

You know, I am lazy to do something, like going to the barber’s shop to get my hair cut.

It has been one month since I was back to Xiamen, to work for some projects. This married guy got me the projects – small and big when I was resting at my hometown, I was “lured”, I knew. Anyway, I was so happy and had a great time with my family when I was at my hometown. So I worked on the projects, day by day, there’s my pretty busy life during last month when I was working on the projects, well, I am working on the other project right now, also. Quiet tired but enjoyment. So I even forgot to have my hair cut, one month later, my hair is long enough to get cut, but I didn’t go, I am lazy, really, haha.

But finally, yesterday, when I was done with the wireframe of a travel company site design, I got some time to take a rest, and I am going to meet another client to talk about his project in the next few days, so I thought it’s the time to say good bye to my hair, that was with me so long time when I worked from daylight to night, even till the early birds.

The picture shows below was taken on the date when I worked for my second company in 2006 after I graduated from the university. Yeah, my hair at that time was longer than now, but I still didn’t want to have my hair cut – well, finally I did. OK, why I am lazy to have my hair cut, take a look at the photo, you might understand something, haha:

"cut my hair? Beatles tells me not to do that!"

And this photo was taken before I had my cut hair, it is not bad to take a picture for my hair as “memorial”:

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