Have fun with 404 pages

the 404page illustration.

You might be confused when you see this picture, well, there’s nothing went wrong, buddy, that is an illustration I designed for the 404 page of my site, you could meet it when you are getting something wrong about the page no-found error.

So, what is 404 page?

The 404 or Not Found error message is an HTTP standard response code indicating that the client was able to communicate with the server but either the server could not find what was requested, or it was configured not to fulfill the request and did not reveal the reason why. 404 errors should not be confused with “server not found” or similar errors, in which a connection to the destination server could not be made at all. — from wikipedia

In shortly, the 404 page is that page appearing when you are coming across the page-found error or something like that on a website. Some websites have just a simple 404 pages for saying something went wrong on the page you are visiting, and don’t tell you something else useful. But some websites do have the user-friendly 404 pages there and do something else helpful for you, they aren’t only telling you that something went wrong, but also giving you the nice and helpful suggestion or info to help you out, like telling you the reasons why you met this such page, and what you can do the next or go somewhere you might be interested or looking for, and even something else interesting or funny. All the actions would make you feel not bad when you come across a wrong page (even with a bad weather).

How can you see a 404 page

(sounds crazy? Nobody would like to see something went wrong)

It’s quiet easy, just typing such as: or any word that doesn’t make any sense, then you would get it, well, except my site, that doesn’t work right with my site because there’s a go404 page for collecting the 404pages of the other sites as this flickr set does.

As I said above, I am having a collection page for showing you the interesting 404(error)pages of some sites, those pages would appear when you come across a page-found error on the website you are visiting, all of them are doing a good job, I think. And I’m collecting them just for fun :D

The 404 page of

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