Global Web Design Trends: China

Recently I saw SmashingMagazine was looking for some designers from Asia(especially China) and Africa for writing an article about Global Web Design Trends on twitter, you know I am a Chinese and a web designer, so I thought I’d help them something. So I replied @smashingmag and told them maybe I could help with something :)

Then I got a email and taken to the SmashingMagazine Forum. There is a the Questionnaire in the thread. I filled out it and would like to show you it here, hope here I can get some more discusses from you, haha.

Well, I post it here just want to share and discuss something about it with you, and I am not a very good English speaker and not that good in the expression of what I want to say, hope you could understand what I am talking about :)

OK, below is the thread and what I replied:

Global Web Design Trends: Asia

Question 1:
Please tell us briefly about yourself, where do you come from and what do you do?

I’m a Chinese and my name is Christopher Jack(English Name), love design, life and something else interesting. I am very good at creating simple and backward-compatible interfaces and websites using a standards-based methodology. I am currently living in Xiamen, China, where’s a small but beautiful and peaceful city.

After 2 years’ work experience in companies, I started up a design studio called 3eSmile Design Studio with the other 3 guys. By now, the studio runs well, We’ve done with some projects, small and big. And I am currently working for myself, yeah, like a freelancer, but to the different part, I have a team to work with, I do UX/UI things and the other guys are in charge with the back-end coding and businesses.

Question 2:
What do you think, what are the most important design trends in your region? Hand-writing style, grunge, minimalism?

  • Center-Aligned layout
  • 3D effect
  • good-nature background color(or pattern)
  • Colorful
  • Cute icons
  • large font size
  • grunge

Are desigenrs and developers more concerned about usability?

Not so much concerned.

What layouts are more popular – fixed or fluid?

fixed and center-aligned layout mostly

What about typography?

There is not too much choices for Chinese characters, just one or two fonts for the web page content display.

Have the CSS-based designs become standard in the industry?

not yet.

What is in your opinion different in designs in US/Europe and in your country?

I think the most different aspect in designs is that “brilliant”, “lively”, “full of content on the homepage”, “noisy”, “rich-looking”, “nation flag of China color system= yellow and red”.

What makes your designs really different?

Interesting, usability, “make you smiling”, and I am very good at creating simple and backward-compatible interfaces and websites using a standards-based methodology.

Question 3:
Please provide us with the URLs of beautiful or/and original web designs from your country – the more, the better.

Question 4:
Please send us URLs to most popular / important design-related resources in your country (CSS showcases, blogs, magazines, podcasts, whatever…)

Question 5:
Please provide us with links to most useful web-design-tools, developed by designers/developers from your country;

Well, there’s not any web-design tools developed by designers/developers from my country yet.

which of them do you use on the daily basis?

  • CODA
  • Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator

Well, there are the other replies to the thread on the forum, and from what I saw, they are better than what I reply, in somewhere. Just go to the thread to join the discuss :D

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