Chinese New Year’s Card Design

After the very busy days in last 2 weeks, finally I get a chance to put my designs in order and post something about the stuffs I designed.

Well, right here I’d love to share the idea of designing the Chinese New Year’s Card with you.

You know, I got a friend who’s a Editor at a popular Magazine in Xiamen, he connects many people because of his job. In shortly, one of his friends or something like that need a new Chinese New Year’s Card, because the Chinese New Year’s coming sooooon! So he got me this case, that’s it.

That’s a Tap water company and needs a Chinese New Year’s Card to greet the clients or its employees around China. Well, the company’s request about the design is that the card would show the people the feeling of happiness, joy, Chinese-style and company-relevant.

cattle-logoSo I got started to find out the thing(s) that can express the request or idea. You know, as Chinese New Year’s closing, that means the harvest or things like that after a year’s busy and hard work. I think the card can show the people the feeling about harvest and peaceful greet, with an approachable way.

Do they mean something for the New Year if you think they’re just “nice” vegetables? The answer is “Yes”. Yeah, this vegetables idea is from my friend Mr Magazine Editor, in China, vegetables or things like that means harvest, and the water leads to an abundant harvest. “An old year is almost gone, and we’ve got an abundant harvest, let’s welcome the new year” — ideally meaning about that card.

Finally and luckily, that Mr “Editor” got me a vegetable picture and a beautiful Chinese traditional Cattle Logo – you know the next year is the year of Cattle in Chinese Zodiac(sounds cool?), and then I got things done as shown below:

Final design and I got several different backgrounds with it {the color is in CMYK mode}


And below are the pictures show you how I got the idea improved and approached, in the sketches way:
sketches of the Happy New Year's card for a company - 02

sketches of the Happy New Year's card for a company - 08

sketches of the Happy New Year's card for a company - 13

sketches of the Happy New Year's card for a company - 10

More pictures about this design on my this flickr set

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