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I am a fan of and I remember that I used it because of finding some google-doodle-related infos for the first time, by accidently, I mean, I didn’t know something about Answers before, just knew there’s a and rarely use it. Well, then I became a fan of Answers, having the Answers Daily Highlights email subscription everyday, then I knew more and more about the things those happened on our planet, kind of cooool for me! I love what it does, what it offers and its goal for the future – I guess it would contact people easier.

OK, let’s talk about its interface. changed its interface, I think. From what I saw, the new interface looks nice, for me. Large size search input form, separate the “Ask” and “Answer” with different colors – green and blue, feel cordial and user friendly. Each important element is eye-catching to enlarge, let users to focus on the key functions of that site, and not-feeling lost around this such huge information type site.

In the search bar, “Search our library…” of “Ask” tab let you easy to find the info what you are looking for, that makes sense like this: do you get some questions? Ask here, we’ll look for it in our library away, and it’s green color – feel better if you are doing search with a confused emotion.
And the “Answer” tab in blue could get yourself to answer the questions or search the questions that’s related to what you’re going to ask. It’s powered by a social Wiki for people.

Neat navigation, clean links line, colored guide, information structural optimization,’s getting better.
And there’s one more interesting and useful thing from, it’s “WikiAnswers: All You Need to Know”, just take a look at the video below:

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