About Face 3

About Face 3 – The Essentials of Interaction Design

Written by Alan Cooper, Robert Reimann, and David Cornin. As the cover page of this book said:”An international bestseller, now completely revised and updated“. It’s a book that’s kind of like the “bible” of Interaction Design, I knew that from a design-related site and it said that’s a great book just meets all your design needs, such as website design, software interface and things like that. Well, when I was looking for the book(about face 2) around China, the latest version is coming out right around the world – except in China, I can’t buy this book anywhere in China, it’s terrible seriously. You know, I am a web designer, and really need this book to widen my vision on the design fields, especially the interaction design, that’s all the people need to do when ones meet a design process. And it even lets you know something about mobile devices design, that’s the thing about the future of design, I think. I really like this book though it’s a little thicker than the other design-related books, but it’s worth that you read it and come after it.

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