Art Lebedev: Air Crosswalk design concept

Today I saw a post about Illuminated Air Crosswalk Concept, that’s a concept designed by Art Lebedev Studio, I think it’s a great concept :)

Air Crosswalk design concept:

Crosswalk is a dangerous place, where pedestrians can get hit by car. Crosswalks are usually specially marked (with signs, additional traffic lights, etc.) for drivers to have enough time to slow down.
Parallel white stripes (in some places called “zebra”) are used to mark pedestrian crosswalks in most countries.
Our idea is to have double marking with illuminated stripes put above the road. It would solve several problems.

Yeah, again, I think it’s great :D And the last picture looks fantastic like a movie poster. And somehow, it could be like a footbridge for Squirrels or other animals to go through the pedestrian crosswalk.

But I have some questions about this concept:

  1. it will cost energy and probably a lot of money than the existing crossover signs do;
  2. it won’t work fine in daylight hours
  3. it will be destroyed by strong storm or rain and fall down to the pedestrian crosswalk, then it couldn’t work and stuck in the middle of the pedestrian crosswalk.
  4. Not sure if it would make more distraction to drivers to look up instead than looking ahead.
  5. Would it be got “attacks” as the target practice by some mischievous kids with their stones in late night?
  6. a large vehicle like a truck won’t fit in there, and if we heighten it for fitting every kind of vehicles, the lights will be hard to focus on one point strongly. It might distributes.

Well, that’s what I think about the concept, and it is a concept of thinking outside  the box, at least :D

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