A joke from my maternal grandma

Hey, let me share a joke that happened to my maternal grandma this evening with you:

You know, this evening my maternal grandma came to ask me what time it was when I was working on something with my Mac, then I showed her the Clock on the Dashboard, well, there’re three Clocks actually, from left to right, they’re for “Beijing”, “London” and “San Francisco”. So the time are 19:00 – Black Clock, 11:00 AM – White, 3:00 AM – Black. Then she saw all of these and asked why there’re 3 different time? You know, she has never been to school and can’t read and write well, so she doesn’t know something about the time lag of the earth, I thought. And I explained that the middle one of the clocks is showing the time of London, UK, it’s still morning there(on the other side of the earth).

The clocks look like this

“What? The different times? It is evening here, it is daylight there, were the people over there dead already?”, she asked.
“Oh, no, not like that, they’re alive as us, they are just living on the other side of this planet,” I replied and I really wanted to laugh loud, haha~

And then I got a object like ball as the example of the earth, to show and explain that what the situation of ours on the earth, I said we’re living on this side(eastern), they’re on the other side, then when we’re meeting the sun(morning or daylight), they’re active in dark. Then the sun goes down to their side, we’re evening, they’re enjoying the sunshine.

“Oh, are there still other people besides us?” – she asked again.
“Yeah, that’s true, and the third Clock is showing the time of the US, which is another country on the other side of the earth”, I said.

Well, I am not that surprised about what she knows about our planet, I just think that conversation is funny :P

BTW, so cool and great that Obama won the election, and is going to be a President, I think he’s supposed to be a great President for the US and even the whole world. Let’s look forward to something about him.

OK, I better go to sleep, I am really tired in these days, goooood night, dude.

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