A family needs a strong father

You know, there is a busy season for farmers in my hometown.

Today my daddy was asked to help a relative for renewing his parents’ tombs, I think I called him “maternal uncle” or something like that. Seems like he and his brother consider that renewing thing as importance, so my daddy have to go, well, we’re relatives, we’d like to help him, though our business is busy also.

So, in that case, mom asked me to go to the farms to help our own business instead – OK, if she didn’t ask, I wouldn’t go, haha. Do you know something about the farmland thing here? It’s different here, I think. There’s no any cow, sheep or things like that we have on the farm, we have the paddy and tobacco on the farm here. So, we reap paddy now.

Well, this reaping thing is not easy, at least, for me. We gather the paddy with sickle and a man-drive (feet-drive) machine, they’re ugly but work well together. And after gathering some by noon or dusk, we usually use a car that has a single wheel, made-of-food to carry those packages home, well, there is long way far away from the farmland to our home. So, maybe you can imagine that how hard to do with reaping paddy or something like that :D

When I was driving that heavy car on the way home, I just thought that “ahu, so heavy, I’m supposed to drop down it, I can’t carry more!”, then the sweat flows into my eyes, really hard to staring at the front while you have to keep the car balanced, it’s really hard to get all the things controlled, dude! I thought that my daddy who can carry much more, is my hero, that’s why a family needs a strong father then :D

OK, I took some pics when I’m resting with back home:

Back from farmland - 1

Back from farmland - 2

The wood car for carrying the packages:

The wood car for carrying the packages - 1

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