A big fan of Manchester United

logo-manuteFirstly, I am not a kid.
Then I know that writing out what I dreamed when I was sleeping is not a mature behave. But, well, I think the dream I made at last night is something funny and interesting and proves something that I believe in is true.

OK, last night when I was sleeping, I made a dream, that is about football(soccer). You know, I sat on a flight of steps of a stadium or something like that, and then 2 people appeared around me, then one sat next to me on the step, and the other stood in front of me. And I headed up, wow! So surprised, that’s Steven Gerrard, who’s a great football player from Liverpool F.C., I like him, and I didn’t know who the other guy is, maybe a coach or someone else. Then Gerrard gave me a sportswear of Adidas with signing his name, it marks No. 3, well, I know No. 4 and 8 are his favorite numbers either, but it’s 3, I was confused. And then he asked me which football team my best favorite is. Oh, sorry for him, even without any second’s stop, I said “Manchester United, I am a big fan of it”. Then I woke up.

Well, it’s saying: “something you think of in daytime, you would see it in your dream place(night) also“. I mean that dream just proves Manchester United is my best loved on this planet : )

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