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Vote for my tshirt design on Threadless!

Hey guys!

I am going to show you my first T design on, it’s called “have fun on the roof top”.

*About the design*

This design is based on the actual roof of my house in my hometown, found here: here (on my flickr)

You can help me get my design printed by going to Threadless and scoring it. If my design is printed, Threadless will pay me $2,500 in cash and prizes for it! Please help spread the word!

So you can vote for me if you like, the url:
have fun on the roof top

Thanks for stopping by :D

Link: Process of Redesigning N.Design

Nick La who is a talented designer based in Canada yesterday posted an article about the redesign of his personal site, It explains every detail about the redesign as well as shows you the process images, I think that’s a great article to take a look and be inspired. And I think his new redesign is just awesome, he did a great job so far, I love this new one though the Phoenix one was awesome, also. And yeah, the illustrations on every page are just stunning! Just go take a look :)

After 3 years of using the Pheonix theme on N.Design Studio, I finally redesigned it with a Koi theme. The new look has improved a lot in terms of design and WordPress implementation. Every section has a unique layout which gives you a refreshing feeling. This post will summarize everything about the new design as well as show you the process images. Also, I will talk about how other sites inspired me.

via Process of Redesigning N.Design.

Making colorful blur effect picture with Photoshop

In shortly, I am going to have you a tutorial that show you how to make a colorful blur effect picture with the Blur filter (Surface Blur and Smart Blur) and other nice features of Adobe PS (Photoshop) (I use version CS4), with a normal photo I took today. OK, below is the final effect:

Surface Blur

Surface Blur + Smart Blur

And here is the original one:
magazine time with sunshine

You can download the original PSD file or learn the tutorial step by step.

Insgems Projects

In the last couples of weeks, I also finished some other graphic design for a company – “Insgems”:, which is a management consulting company that provides consulting and training services for enterprises, its clients covers Electric Power, Banking & Finance industries.

As it is the stable client for me, I’ve finished some projects for the company, such as the Training Textbook design, the PPT Template design and Business Card design, etc. And I am working on redesigning its company web site currently, and so far I’ve done with it, something are pretty ready for building the new website, I think.

Poster design for our hometown

Poster design for our hometown - 00

I finished the poster design for our hometown this week. Well, one of my friends, who is my native also, is going to set up an Association for our hometown, it’s named “Huxiang Youth Association”, “Huxiang” – 胡巷, which is the name of our village, where we grew up. And one day of this year that guy and I sat and had the lunch together to plan the Association. Well, that guy spent much more time than I on planning about that, he told me he’s been working on that nice thing for one or two months, with his rest time. Pretty hard work, I call tell.

Chinese New Year's Card Design

After the very busy days in last 2 weeks, finally I get a chance to put my designs in order and post something about the stuffs I designed.Well, right here I’d love to share the idea of designing the Chinese New Year’s Card with you.

You know, I got a friend who’s a Editor at a popular Magazine in Xiamen, he connects many people because of his job. In shortly, one of his friends or something like that need a new Chinese New Year’s Card, because the Chinese New Year’s coming sooooon! So he got me this case, that’s it.