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MV: 70 millions

Love this MV so much! It’s so funny and creative :D

  1. Last Supper – Da Vinci
  2. The Birth of Venus – Botticelli
  3. Tilp doctor’s Anatomy Lesson – Rembrandt
  4. Girl with a Pearl Earring (right) – Vermeer
  5. The Raft of Medusa – Theodore • Gericault
  6. Mara’s death – Louis • Dawit
  7. Vatican’s Sistine Chapel frescoes, “Genesis of the Creation of Adam” – Michelangelo
  8. The Treachery of Images – Rene Magritte
  9. Red, yellow and blue composition – Piet Mondrian
  10. ?
  11. ?
  12. Scream – Edward Munch
  13. Self-portrait – Van Gogh
  14. Pope Marilyn Monroe – Richard Hamilton
  15. ?
  16. ?
  17. ?
  18. Olympia – Manet
  19. Liberty Leading the People – Delacroix
  20. Rabbit pub – Picasso
  21. Kiss – Klimt
  22. Bride – Marc Chagall
  23. Las Maninas – Diego Vel a Zquez
  24. Sunflowers – Van Gogh

The numbers are according to the order of appearance.

Two videos about flying!

Airplane to Airplane Skydive

This one is just cool! I just saw that scene in the movie! Hope that’s real, too!

Giant Waterslide Jump

This one was a little well-know and popular before, I guess some of you might have seen that already, it’s really stunning and fun, but some people are doubting it’s fake and a made-up ad, here and here. And this guy even did a math for that!

I doubted it, too. I hope it’s real, but before that guy made it, did he ever fail? if he did fail and fall down to the ground, he would be hurt so much and can not do that one more time at all, right?

Friend's wedding last week

Last friday I went to a friend’s wedding and was asked to take photos for the wedding, I had a great time there and took lots of nice photos :D Well they considered me as the photographer but I am really not, haha. Both of the bride and the groom are my friends, and even the bride was my classmate in the university and were roommates, we were very close.

OK, take a look at what I took:

zhong's wedding

zhong's wedding

zhong's wedding