Hi! My name is Christopher Jack. I am a web designer and very good at creating usable, elegant and backward-compatible interfaces and websites using a standards-based methodology, professionally. I am currently living in Xiamen, China, where's a small but beautiful and peaceful city.


this site

Be inspired by the blue lighting screen of my mobile phone under a white paper, and, yeah, the beautiful bokeh effect, the new designc7.com - it's called V2, has a brand-new look and much more useable and friendlier than the previous version - it's called V1, I think. Less Javascript, less graphics, less pages - simplify site structure, more usability and friendlier, with faster page loading! I redesigned and realigned the site with some cool technology and knowledge what I learnt in these months.

Also this site is a web-standards compatible site that is talking about design, tech thread & life with you, it is a personal place for journaling and having you a showcase of my works, I'd love to share the ideas about design & life with the people on this cute planet, and also, it will be a lab for my interesting idea(sometimes). And it can even help us contact people and/or make friends each other here :D


Yep! This site is built with the exciting HTML5 & CSS3, which enhance a wide range of features for the websites and applications.

Then this site was made on a Mac, the main design was created with the great Adobe Photoshop, the icons and some others graphics such as "error 404" page were made in Adobe Illustrator, coded in Coda, all the bits of this site were saved in Bluehost hosting, and most of the pictures used in this site are from my flickr. This new version site is proudly powered by Wordpress(I switched to Wordpress from Textpattern, here's why.)

studio & project

3eSmile Design is a creative, dynamic, forward-thinking design studio, focusing on creating a perfect, elegant, user-centric, professional-level backward-compatible interfaces and websites. Learn more →

Hua Zhong Wen is a small project I created in early July this year. As "It's just another different way to learn Chinese, in a funny and cute way", usually I explain some Chinese characters with the creative or funny cartoon drawings daily. It's an easier way to learn or know Chinese. Learn more →


Hello! I'm Chris. Jack, a web designer from Xiamen, China. I'm the founder of 3esmile Studio and running another funny project right now(see below). I love design especially web design, I think internet is one of the pretty coolest things on this planet(Thanks to Al Gore). I am passionate about making usable, beautiful and goal-directed websites and interfaces.

Simply, I love playin' with pixels!

I was born in a very small village called Hu Xiang, in Fujian Province, China in the early 80's last century, that's my beloved hometown which is surround by mountains and green famlands. Yeah, it's absolutely far far far away from San Francisco or London, even Mars. I graduated with a bachelor's degree of Computer Science & Tech in Jimei university, Xiamen, China in 2006. I am passionate about design and got a professional training at an art gallery which was creating and selling paintings before I went to university. So, after I graduated from university, I went into some web design companies. After about 2 years' work experience in companies, I started up a design studio called 3eSmile Design Studio with other 3 guys. By now, the studio runs well, We've done with some projects, big and small. And I am currently working as... Yeah(as you could guess), as a freelancer, but to the different part, I have a team to work with, I do UX/UI things and the other guys are in charge with the back-end coding and businesses.

I am really enjoying creating websites that can work for the people who use it easily with an attractive interface. Web design is a kind of thing that can help people do their work easily and get the info that they're looking for quickly, and meanwhile, web design is that thing can help people know that a beautiful, planned and logical interface can help solving people's problems or needs. And plus, I think web design is a really awesome thing to be with!

I'm a Chinese, and I got my English name - Christopher Jack when I was in university. Christopher is from Christopher Columbus who's a great explorer in history, I admire him very much. Jack is an amazing ancient pirate's name, he's a hero, I would follow him to be a pirate if I could! Well, if he got an twitter account, I would follow him certainly! I'm studying Japanese right now, and I know my Japanese name from a friend, here it's the name: ko kenken = Ko Kenken. Like it!

I believe in: Live is beautiful, everything is going to change, be modest and humorous. You couldn't know how these nice things support my life so far.

what am I doing when I am not doing design?

  • I love playing football, I am a huge fan of Manchester United F.C.;
  • I love drawing sketches and wireframes for fun or for work - that's kind of a cool thing I've ever met in my life;
  • I am a big fan of Apple stuff - whatever that apple for eating or the apple for using, actually I have a Macbook Pro (my big brother Jeff got me that nice thing!) and an iPod nano Gen. 3, then I found they're becoming a part of my life, "pretty cool, huh?" (Steve Jobs likes saying that);
  • And last, I love reading books, English (that's a window to get into another different world for me) (now plus Japanese), music, photography and robots(I even controlled the FANUC robots with a Control Panel myself before!)


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