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Video: Survivors of Auschwitz 65 years on

CNN’s Don Riddell meets three death-camp survivors and asks them how they have coped since the end of WWII.

More than sixty years ago they were prisoners in one of the Nazi’s most notorious death camps. Decades later three survivors tell of the horrors of the holocaust and their experience of the camp’s liberation on January 27, 1945.

Dragon Ball, my childhood memory

By accidently, I got some cartoon books from one of my friends, those came with the books I borrowed to her before, and the cartoon books are <Dragon Ball> series by Akira Toriyama! You know, this cartoon was my best favorite one in my childhood, and it even came through my whole childhood, it was an amazing cartoon for me, I was very enjoying the time with it before, and now it comes back to me again, haha. Well, I forget something about it and some details after more than 10 years later. So I’m reading it for Volume 1 :)

dragon ball

dragon ball

CNN: 'Hope for Haiti' dominates the airwaves

Yeah, as most of us know that recently a horrible earthquake hit Haiti and took many Haiti people’s house, even life down, it’s pretty bad there. The videos below are from CNN that about the world’s biggest stars gathered together and started up a Friday night’s telethon for Haiti relief, it’s called “Hope for Haiti Now”. “Enough of the moping, let’s rebuild Haiti.”



‘Hope for Haiti’ dominates the airwaves

Los Angeles, California (CNN) — Solemn music from the world’s biggest stars served as the soundtrack to Friday night’s telethon for Haiti relief, but the fundraiser ended with Wyclef Jean shouting “Enough of the moping, let’s rebuild Haiti.”

Organizers did not immediately say how much money was raised during the two-hour “Hope for Haiti” show, but donations will continue to flow in as the phone lines remained open and the night’s musical performances are sold on iTunes.

Link: Process of Redesigning N.Design

Nick La who is a talented designer based in Canada yesterday posted an article about the redesign of his personal site, It explains every detail about the redesign as well as shows you the process images, I think that’s a great article to take a look and be inspired. And I think his new redesign is just awesome, he did a great job so far, I love this new one though the Phoenix one was awesome, also. And yeah, the illustrations on every page are just stunning! Just go take a look :)

After 3 years of using the Pheonix theme on N.Design Studio, I finally redesigned it with a Koi theme. The new look has improved a lot in terms of design and WordPress implementation. Every section has a unique layout which gives you a refreshing feeling. This post will summarize everything about the new design as well as show you the process images. Also, I will talk about how other sites inspired me.

via Process of Redesigning N.Design.