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33 Remarkable Photoshop Brushes That You Must Bookmark

I’d like to bring this concept into today’s commercial painting programs, where the Paint Brush in Photoshop is perhaps one of the most precious and useful tools invented. Given the countless advantages of the Paint Brush tool, it is clear that it is almost as capable as what a traditional paint brush can do.  It […]

Making colorful blur effect picture with Photoshop

In shortly, I am going to have you a tutorial that show you how to make a colorful blur effect picture with the Blur filter (Surface Blur and Smart Blur) and other nice features of Adobe PS (Photoshop) (I use version CS4), with a normal photo I took today. OK, below is the final effect:

Surface Blur

Surface Blur + Smart Blur

And here is the original one:
magazine time with sunshine

You can download the original PSD file or learn the tutorial step by step.