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Insgems Projects

In the last couples of weeks, I also finished some other graphic design for a company – “Insgems”:, which is a management consulting company that provides consulting and training services for enterprises, its clients covers Electric Power, Banking & Finance industries.

As it is the stable client for me, I’ve finished some projects for the company, such as the Training Textbook design, the PPT Template design and Business Card design, etc. And I am working on redesigning its company web site currently, and so far I’ve done with it, something are pretty ready for building the new website, I think.

Poster design for our hometown

Poster design for our hometown - 00

I finished the poster design for our hometown this week. Well, one of my friends, who is my native also, is going to set up an Association for our hometown, it’s named “Huxiang Youth Association”, “Huxiang” – 胡巷, which is the name of our village, where we grew up. And one day of this year that guy and I sat and had the lunch together to plan the Association. Well, that guy spent much more time than I on planning about that, he told me he’s been working on that nice thing for one or two months, with his rest time. Pretty hard work, I call tell.

Suggestions for the beginner of web design

2-years is a pretty short time for the web design career, I think, so I consider myself as the beginner, of course, all the times.

If you are interested in web design and the beginner of it, I am really glad about that, and hey, it is really good to get started or “tasted” something interesting and different you like in your life.

OK, if you’d like to create the web design or want to start a web design business that focused on beautiful, standard-compatibility websites, I would love to have you some suggestions…

Questionnaire for blog design

The Questionnaire for your blog:

  1. Need a logo or have one already?
  2. What’s your favorite color(s)?the main color(s) for your blog indeed.
  3. 2 Columns or 3 Columns for the layout of your blog?
  4. How many sections will you have them on your blog? What are they(exactly)?such as “Home”, “About”, “Archive”, etc.
  5. What content will your blog have?What kind of content is your blog (mainly) talking about?
  6. Need a photo gallery(Section), also?
  7. Do you have any special(or favorite) Header Image for your blog or need a new design?
  8. Get a slogan for your blog?
  9. Domain name(s)?
  10. WordPress or TextPattern ?Well, there are some other CMS / Blog Platforms out there, just let me know which one you like best :)
  11. Login & Register links?For multi-users/authors feature
  12. Feedback link?For the bug/suggestion reporting of your blog?
  13. What API(s) would you like to embed them into your blog?Such as: flickr, twitter,, facebook, or things like that.
  14. Something special else to let me know?
  15. Above is the question list for letting me get your future blog even better. Let me know “if there is somewhere we haven’t got to find?” — from the New Yorker Comic book that was talking about finding the missed-way golf ball.

Be the model of SoGuide Magazine!

I… I.. I thought I should say I was “excited” here! I was the model of SoGuide Magazine, which is the most popular Magazine in Xiamen. Well, it’s true though I am not a handsome guy like the real and professional model.

Yesterday I went to a “Photography Studio”: to take some photos for the new special topic of that magazine, it will be coming in next week, with my friend, who is my roommate also and the former employee of that Magazine…

Get the Photoshop Image Making book back!

It is a Photoshop learning book for the beginners and the advanced users, written by “Hwang Yong II”:, who is a korean-based designer. I think I bought this book in 2007, at that time I was looking for a book that could give me the idea about creating beautiful and meaningful web ad banner & Header image.

I read it over, and then I lost it. I tired to find it out in anywhere I can think out, one year’s later, I’ve found nothing : ( But this evening…