For ‹November 6th, 2008›

Embarrassed time

Because the nice weather, I have to go out to work, go to the farmland to reap the paddy, I mean. You know, because of the bad weather and some other reasons in this season, most of our family’s paddy are blowed down in the water by the wind and rain. That’s horrible, you know, paddy are soaking in the water is really bad thing to us, because they will germinate within 2 – 4 weeks, more or less. And the germinated paddy couldn’t be sold anymore, or costs very less. And one more bad situation about that is reaping(them) will get harder as long as they germinate in the water. It’s a really dirty and dead tired work when the paddy germinated in the water about 1 month, cause that the root of paddy has got started to rot, some have rotted away completely, actually, they smell bad. And then there are so many worms and moths around. After that, we are moving slowly because of the paddy those are all laying down, we have to stoop down to pick them up, then cut them with sickle. If they weren’t laying down, we just cut them…