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Go 404 Pages

This page shows you that the interesting 404(error)pages of some sites, those pages would appear when you come across a page-found error on the website you are visiting. And just typing such as:, then you would get it, well, except my site, that doesn’t work right with my site because there’s a go404 page […]

I’m leaving home

Hey, I’m leaving home today, finally. I prepared for the package after I had my breakfast, today I got up a little late, the other people have been working outside for about one hour. Well, today I am free because I am leaving for xiamen.

Well, though I really don’t want to leave my family this time, you know, I was very happy with my family within the month I was at home, I absolutely have had a good time with them

Some photos of the family

Well, today is anther rainy day, damn it. It has been raining since after midnight, that lasts so long time. I thought it would stop in the morning, but it didn’t :( Really bad for that, we get another day without going out for working, and the paddy are still rotting in the water and we can do nothing. Oh, sorry for telling you this firstly. I don’t want to do that, but that(such situation) is really bad and bored. The whole family is embarrassed, really. We’re losing so much in the year.

Everything will be fine, including my mom

Well, today I felt depressed though I didn’t go out for working. I don’t know why, just felt like that. It’s not good, I know.

My mom felt depressed also, she has been complaining about the weather, the really bad weather and we’re all confused and even start to hate it. You know, in this season, especially this month when I came back to hometown, there has been about 2 weeks rainy days here, it’s a long time for raining that happened to any where and because of the rain, our paddy are all blew down, that’s horrible and a disaster that we have never met before, some of my neighbors said that they’ve never seen that kind of situation like our paddy among their life.

Embarrassed time

Because the nice weather, I have to go out to work, go to the farmland to reap the paddy, I mean. You know, because of the bad weather and some other reasons in this season, most of our family’s paddy are blowed down in the water by the wind and rain. That’s horrible, you know, paddy are soaking in the water is really bad thing to us, because they will germinate within 2 – 4 weeks, more or less. And the germinated paddy couldn’t be sold anymore, or costs very less. And one more bad situation about that is reaping(them) will get harder as long as they germinate in the water. It’s a really dirty and dead tired work when the paddy germinated in the water about 1 month, cause that the root of paddy has got started to rot, some have rotted away completely, actually, they smell bad. And then there are so many worms and moths around. After that, we are moving slowly because of the paddy those are all laying down, we have to stoop down to pick them up, then cut them with sickle. If they weren’t laying down, we just cut them…

A joke from my maternal grandma

Hey, let me share a joke that happened to my maternal grandma this evening with you:

You know, this evening my maternal grandma came to ask me what time it was when I was working on something with my Mac, then I showed her the Clock on the Dashboard, well, there’re three Clocks actually, from left to right, they’re for “Beijing”, “London” and “San Francisco”. So the time are 19:00 – Black Clock, 9:00 AM – White, 5:00 AM – Black…

Sunshine, dog and my mom’s worry

Yesterday after I added a event into iCal(Calendar of Macintosh) for today, that event says “Vote day for the presidential election of the US”, which means the presidential election of the US is going countdown. Well, that’s interesting and amazing for me, but just like that, I’m not a voter of the US. But anyway, I’ll support Obama as my big brother in S.F does! I hope Obama can make it tomorrow :P

All we have to do is just wait

I think you’d know what the weather is today from the photo on the left, yeah, today’s a rainy day, exactly.

I really dislike rainy day at all, well, except that’s good and comfort for sleeping, like my mom did this afternoon, she went to bed to take a rest after lunch, then didn’t wake up until about 14:30, and she said she’s feeling good to sleep in rainy day. Well, that’s true, I did that before, really comfort…

Competition of photography

After being with the noisy family – my mom’s loud talking with my aunt via telephone, my mother’s mom sat next to me to listen to what they are talking about, and sometimes she interposed with some words, loud, too. Well, that’s the way of speaking my mom’s household have, speaking as loud as they can, I love that though I haven’t got that hereditarily. My aunt had a problem about that her husband hit her when he’s getting drunk yesterday because of some ridiculous reasons. BTW, I was sitting in between them to listen to them carefully. And my sister’s watching the TV shows in the same room and seems there’s none of her business, just focusing her sight on the screen, hoho~ And my daddy came back home late, so he’s not made any noise then(joke).