For ‹October 24th, 2008›

Busy morning, unstable life

After a busy morning, the rain is coming soon at noon here.

You know, this morning my daddy and I went to the farmland to reap the paddy, I rode there by bicycle, BTW. Where’s my mom? Oh, she’s resting with her cold and doing something arduous at home, well, the weather is getting colder, that’s why she’s had a cold :(

And when we’re back home, my mom’s dialing to someone, then, I knew who she was going to call, one of my relatives, the husband of my mom’s sister, who’s working in the government. Well, my mom wants to get me a better job such as a job in national factory or in government – a functionary, which is much more stable, salary, and no-worried-about-the future. Well, in China, that’s true, all true and sure thing. You know, there are so many students and youths as me who are crowded for that kind of job, well, you should pass couple of exams to get it first and you’d better have someone in the government already, who could help you so much when you’re having those exams. Well, I have one such people there, that relative my mom’s going to call and looks for help with that kind of job…