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Still going in Rainy day

Still, today is a rainy day, damn it.

You know, here we don’t go out to work when there’s a rainy day, well, we can’t and we don’t want to, farmers are lazy, haha~ So, our family stayed at home today almost, I woke up at 7:30 AM this morning and got up at 8:00 – see, I can get up so early now, you know, I can’t do that when I am in xiamen. After breakfast, my daddy went out to check the vegetables we planted outside while there’s drizzle. And for me, I thought the good part of the rainy day is that there’re 2 nice things I can enjoy: sleeping and the view of outside world- especially the view of the mountain around fog…

The bad weather, then reading and studying

Oh, I haven’t updated my post yesterday for some reasons, actually, because I was busy studying Textpattern till midnight, which is a great personal publishing platform like Wordpress, but they’re something different anyway :)

So this post is just for yesterday that I should post it, well, let’s go back to yesterday by a time machine. OK, here we go:

You know, the weather of yesterday was really strange and confused, it changed between cloudy, then sunny, then rainy, and even rainy and sunny in the same time. But we had some paddy need to be dried in the sunshine then could be sold, yeah, sunshine! But where’s the sunshine, just a little outside. Well, a little rain yesterday, too. So we – my maternal grandma and I were worried about the paddy that might be got soaked by the bad or unstable weather, we had to go outside or raise our heads to look at the sky for checking if there’s something like water drops or tears dropped down by someone in the air. And we have to shout away the chicken which were eating our paddy on the ground. So you can tell how tired and busy we were, dude?

Preparing the tobacco packages

Hey, I just came back from outside, dirty clothes, tired arms, haha~ I was helping carrying the tobacco packages – as I’m surprised, there are 17 packages, and more than half hundred kgs each package, and it’s huge for me, really hard to carry, so my mom and I raised the packages to help my daddy to carry them on his back, so, my daddy is the real hero, not me or my mom, well, both of us can’t carry it and even walk about 150 meters so far at all. You know, as I said before, a family needs a strong father!

BTW, we are going to sell the last set tobacco today, we have the order today – all the people who plant the tobacco are assigned a number for selling in queue, so the staff of the tobacco company of our town came to us and classified the tobacco for packaging to the tobacco store(station) this morning, well, at that time, about 7:30 AM, I just woke up…

Working from sunrise to sunset

After 3 continually busy days, I really feel tired, actually, dude.

You know, we family are still working on reaping the paddy on the farmland, in this season of every year, there’re couple of very busy weeks or months like right now. We usually plant tobacco in about June(I am not sure exactly), and reap it in about September, then we sell the tobacco with about 3 or 4 carry-out. Then we get to October – this month that we’re busy working in.

My sister went back to school!

Hey, today is Monday, every student goes back to school. So my sister does :)
You know, we have had a good time in the weekend, she’s good-nature girl, and has lovely smile, I love it, haha. And I was told so many funny and interesting stories or something about her school life. Like something about her classmates’ names, wow, really cool that she can remember most of her classmates’ names, and even the names of some other people in another class. And some of the names sound funny, some sound beautiful.

A big fan of Manchester United

Firstly, I am not a kid.
Then I know that writing out what I dreamed when I was sleeping is not a mature behave. But, well, I think the dream I made at last night is something funny and interesting and proves something that I believe in is true.

OK, last night when I was sleeping, I made a dream, that is about football(soccer). You know, I sat on a flight of steps of a stadium or something like that, and then 2 people appeared around me, then one sat next to me on the step, and the other stood in front of me…

Busy morning, unstable life

After a busy morning, the rain is coming soon at noon here.

You know, this morning my daddy and I went to the farmland to reap the paddy, I rode there by bicycle, BTW. Where’s my mom? Oh, she’s resting with her cold and doing something arduous at home, well, the weather is getting colder, that’s why she’s had a cold :(

And when we’re back home, my mom’s dialing to someone, then, I knew who she was going to call, one of my relatives, the husband of my mom’s sister, who’s working in the government. Well, my mom wants to get me a better job such as a job in national factory or in government – a functionary, which is much more stable, salary, and no-worried-about-the future. Well, in China, that’s true, all true and sure thing. You know, there are so many students and youths as me who are crowded for that kind of job, well, you should pass couple of exams to get it first and you’d better have someone in the government already, who could help you so much when you’re having those exams. Well, I have one such people there, that relative my mom’s going to call and looks for help with that kind of job…

One day an egg

Hey, a good news here:
this morning my hens just dropped down an egg, I mean it’s having an egg in its nest. I knew it’s had an fresh egg though I was sitting outside, because it came out and “yelled” loudly, that’s a sign that a hen has had an new egg. So I came in there and wow, a beautiful egg’s laying down on the nest. You know, it always feel warm when you have a fresh egg on your hand.

A family needs a strong father

You know, there is a busy season for farmers in my hometown.

Today my daddy was asked to help a relative for renewing his parents’ tombs, I think I called him “maternal uncle” or something like that. Seems like he and his brother consider that renewing thing as importance, so my daddy have to go, well, we’re relatives, we’d like to help him, though our business is busy also.

So, in that case, mom asked me to go to the farms to help our own business instead – OK, if she didn’t ask, I wouldn’t go, haha. Do you know something about the farmland thing here? It’s different here, I think. There’s no any cow, sheep or things like that we have on the farm, we have the paddy and tobacco on the farm here. So, we reap paddy now…