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Make the Red Heart of China graphic

Hey, there, feeling like I haven’t posted here for a long long time, don’t like it, for me. So I am back here again. Well, really, I am busy working on 2(maybe 3) small projects in the same time in the past week and right now. Finally I get some time to have you this post.

OK, here I just want to share a small Photoshop tutorial with you. You know, I worked on the “Client Testimonies” Pages design for the client, she wanted to have a “Red Heart of China”(what is it?) image on the background. So I made one. It looks not bad, shiny and Mac-aqua style.

Travel to Nan Putuo Temple

Yesterday though I was pretty busy working on a Graphic Design for a client and the due time is closing, but I went with my other 3 friends when they called me and “dragged” me over and over again to go with them, the reason they gave out is that I’ve stayed at home for a long long time, I am going to be crazy. No, I won’t be, I am sure that. The reason is funny, anyway, they just wanted me to go with them. Well, I thought I can finished the rest of that project at night, and the place we would go is really beautiful, well, there’s another reason is that we have a pretty girl in our team :) …

Something else about Opera

Opera, it is well known as a web browser, has the simple, attractive, shiny-new and human interface and features, and as another different part from the other browsers, its color is Red – “Safari”: is Gray and “Firefox”: is Orange and Blue, “IE”: is Blue – I like red color a little more :)

Well, here I am not talking about the details of Opera with you, I think someone like the big fan of Opera might know much more than I do about it. Here I just want to share something interesting about Opera with you…

Photo diary

It was a pretty sunny day yesterday, after I finished some projects in the last 4 weeks and am still waiting for some clients’ responds about my designs, I get a few days for doing something I like. I am free in these few days, I mean. So I got a plan to put the project’s documents in order, such as the wireframes of the projects – they are pretty disorder, and something else, I was thinking about it before I fall asleep :( I thought I can not waste my time whenever I was at – and BTW, IE6 is suck to waste my time, I have to fight with it in anytime when I am at work...

More Cooliris screenshots

Hey there! After one day trying the cool “Cooliris”: application, I found it is really interesting and useful, and much more fun than exploring in the other normal browsers or other media players. You don’t have to look at something that around hundreds or thousands of words on a single page now, I mean, you can look at something with a single picture around a few words – you know ““A picture is worth a thousand words”: “, and on hundreds of pages in the same time…

Fixing disc burning error on Mac

Did you even get frustrated after you keep getting this error when you get to the stage where either iPhoto, Toast or just the Finder start to burn a CD or DVD? I did recently. I was spending more than one day to fight with this disk burn issue! Here is the error message I receive in Toast:
sense key=medium error
sense code=0x73, 0x03

Finally I get this problem fixed after I tried following the solutions in Help document of Finder…

Jorgensen's My Favourites set

As someone has left a Testimonial on his flickr profile page: “The best street photographer I have ever seen. Period.” I pretty do agree with that guy and plus, I want to say, there are the most interesting photos he has taken I have ever seen, on this planet. There is the slideshow of the Set, really interesting, all of the photos, just take a look, hope you enjoy them also :D

Have my hair cut, finally

You know, I am lazy to do something, like going to the barber’s shop to get my hair cut.

It has been one month since I was back to Xiamen, to work for some projects. This married guy got me the projects – small and big when I was resting at my hometown, I was “lured”, I knew. Anyway, I was so happy and had a great time with my family when I was at my hometown. So I worked on the projects, day by day, there’s my pretty busy life during last month when I was working on the projects, well, I am working on the other project right now, also. Quiet tired but enjoyment. So I even forgot to have my hair cut, one month later, my hair is long enough to get cut, but I didn’t go, I am lazy, really, haha.

Fixing bugs with the colorful css blocks

With this post, I would like to share an idea about bug fixing when you are working on the looking of XHML+CSS page.

You know, though it’s 21st century, but there are still a few different browsers on this planet, as a web designer or developer, sometimes( most of the times for me) you have to “fight” with the browser compatibility when you are coding your webpage, you know what I mean, right? {And IE 6 is suck to waste my life}. This will make the objects you want to check on the webpage you are editing or fixing bugs visual, it highlights the objects with the colorful background with a few quiet simple CSS attributes.

Chinese New Year's Card Design

After the very busy days in last 2 weeks, finally I get a chance to put my designs in order and post something about the stuffs I designed.Well, right here I’d love to share the idea of designing the Chinese New Year’s Card with you.

You know, I got a friend who’s a Editor at a popular Magazine in Xiamen, he connects many people because of his job. In shortly, one of his friends or something like that need a new Chinese New Year’s Card, because the Chinese New Year’s coming sooooon! So he got me this case, that’s it.