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Fixing disc burning error on Mac

Did you even get frustrated after you keep getting this error when you get to the stage where either iPhoto, Toast or just the Finder start to burn a CD or DVD? I did recently. I was spending more than one day to fight with this disk burn issue! Here is the error message I receive in Toast:
sense key=medium error
sense code=0x73, 0x03

Finally I get this problem fixed after I tried following the solutions in Help document of Finder…

Easy use of the desktop in Leopard

What are you going to do if you want to take a quick look of your file(especially the images) as a large size with your items on the desktop in Leopard? You know, I was supposed to launch the Finder then check them with Cover Flow view, and was almost going to click the Macintosh HD icon on the desktop. But I didn’t do that, I pressed “cmd+J” to launch the right-clicked menu instead, there’s the “show view options” right there.

"Blog this" from flickr to the Textpattern Blog

Wow, there! Now I can contact to Flickr with my Textpattern Blog, that’s kind of cool thing for me. You know, I was trying to figure out how I can use the “Blog this” of Flickr, but after looking around the settings of my account carefully, I failed with it, nothing about Textpattern is shown on the “blog” list.